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News server
Patch updated!

Dear players!

Server patch has been updated!
Also added to the patch a description of the droplist!
You can download the new patch in the "Files" section!
We wish you a pleasant game!

Server started successfully!

Dear players of our server!

Server started successfully! We remind you that there will be no wipes on our server!
For regular support for newbies, we will open a second mirror server once a year, and six months after opening we will merge it into the old server!
To play on our server you need to download the patch in the "Files" section, the updater is currently available only for checking system files!
We also strongly recommend to download the client from our website, in order to avoid crashes and crits!

We wish everyone a pleasant game!

OBT will end at 16:00 MSK!

Dear friends!

Attention! We are discontinuing the OBT period at 16:00 Moscow time, due to those, work on the server before opening.

We remind you that the opening will take place today at 20:00 Moscow time!

We are waiting for everyone to the opening of the legendary project!
We wish everyone a pleasant game!

Download FILES
To play on our project, you need to Register and download the server files
Download client Lineage 2 Interlude ~ 2.9 GB
Download the patch for Interlude x50 ~ 57 MB